About Us


Welcome to GrowthLife,initially this page was created to help me deal with some really important issues in my life. These were issues that I thought no one was experiencing but me. It makes me feel blessed knowing that this site has develop into an oasis of love. I had to learn to forgive people in my life that have hurt me and I had to learn to love them. During this whole process, God has blessed me immensely simply because I chose to use my experiences to help others. I cannot begin to express thanks to my readers for consistently coming by and checking for new content. This site is not just for Christians, this page is for anyone who is broken, anyone who has been to the potters house, been shattered and now you are in a process of being made all over again. It’s for anyone who is on the threshing floor and for anyone who finds themselves in the furnace. This is for the single parents who are struggling to make ends meet. This is for the the everyday person who has some kind of fight, some kind of struggle that they can’t seem to overcome. This page is for the fatherless and the motherless, the widow and the widower. This page is a voice crying in your wilderness, showing you the way to Christ. I am not perfect, but I’m perfect in Him. I hope you’re blessed by browsing this site. I would love to hear from you at dewaynebarnett@live.com. Thank you and God bless.