Up From the Garbage Heap

When will it end? Is this it? Will this continue forever? Oftentimes those very questions swirl in our heads when we find ourselves in certain turmoil that threatens to destroy the sanctity of our minds. In the midst of our situation, the light isn’t seen, victory is not felt and doubt and uncertainty seems to be the pillows on which our heads are laid. Oh we can still smile with the world, we can still give a good joke but with each chuckle sometimes a very quick flashback of what home is like, brings us back into reality and slowly wipe that smile off our faces. We are but frail humans with emotions that sometimes spike and then subsides…we do get depressed and angry and happy and sad. We hide it, but hiding something doesn’t make it go away. It just hides and then jumps out and surprises you at a friend’s wedding or someone’s birthday party. The inner pain cannot be scratched when it itches, it cannot be subsided when it rises, it cannot be quenched when it thirsts. This inner pain must be felt, it is the protein our character needs, it is the fuel in our tanks of perseverance. It must be absorbed and felt because even though it burns, it fortifies and the same time. Even though we feel like we’re being buried, rest assured that we are only being planted, expected to shoot back up one day basking in the sun of victory and standing firm in the dirt that once marred us. We are conquerors. You may want to give up, you may want to give in, but if you’ll trust God, hold strong, stay in there and give Him the praise, even when you don’t feel like it. Soon that heap of garbage the world has tossed on you will give way and allow you to sprout, to come to the surface as one who has been through it and have conquered it…Give God the glory.

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