Falling in love with love


When love walks away, we often cry
When love walks away we wonder why
We say we don’t need it, our feelings we hide
When love walks away we die a little inside

We say go, I’ll be just fine
I don’t need you after all, I still got time
To find another, I will I will
But love laughs at me when everything is still

I say single is the way to be!
I start out strong, this is the new me
But I got a glimpse of love and I changed my mind
Now I am extremely worried, I’m almost out of time

Ha! Who needs love, I’m as happy as can be
Nobody to call, no one to answer to…this is the real me
But I’ll go home tonight and I’ll roll on my bed
Nothing is there, except two pillows, one for my legs and the other for my head

The night continued and seemed very long
Here I was laying down, not feeling so strong 
Love had weakened me and brought me to my knees
Love in a dream is nothing but a tease

I saw your face that night, I dreamt it and it was great
Then poof! You went away and love became hate
I had but one thing to say to love after all
I’ll never come running whenever you call

I love you, I hate you…I feel so confused
I hate you, I love you, but love I’ve refused
I love you, I love you…can this really be so
I hate you, I hate you, that’s the way love goes

Will love ever come back? I really don’t know
I’m hurting and broken but so afraid to show
The real me is hidden, behind pangs of death
But love’s harsh sting, I can never forget

So I closed my heart and hung a sign that said
“Love you aren’t welcomed here, go next door instead”
I’ll peak over the fence just to check up on you
But my heart will still be shut when you try to get through

Oh love, oh love…I wished it had worked
I wished you did care and there was no hurt
But now I’ve moved on, I feel you no more
And everything you left behind have been thrown out the door

Pain is love, love is pain
Loves shines on me, but here comes the rain
If love comes back, should I say yes again
I love you, I love you or maybe I’m just insane. 

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