It’s The Climb


I remember when I started at the foot at this mountain, the starting point of this great precipice, I never knew what the journey would be like. Somehow I had an idea of what God wanted from me but was oblivious of the means and methods by which He would get me to surrender. It’s not easy giving up the things you’ve become accustomed to, the things that make you feel safe. After all I’m giving up concrete tangible things for a God I’ve never seen. It’s a climb…you start out at the bottom because sometimes due to our unwillingness to say yes, that’s where He takes us but not where He leaves us. I’ve been to the bottom, to the point where I’m confused, discouraged and lost. I’ve been to the bottom, where friends don’t like to dwell so I had none. I’ve been to the bottom where the internal fight within me starts to manifest itself in my behavior and lifestyle and the smiles can no longer be faked and the “I’m oks” aren’t as convincing as they once were. I didn’t stay there though, somehow I thought God was punishing me for my years of running, hiding and giving excuses as to why I couldn’t serve Him. I thought He was vengeful that I had said no so many times. I understand now it’s wasn’t His vengeance that brought me to the foot of my mountain, but it was His love. It’s a climb…I looked up and asked “how in the world am I gonna get to the top of this mountain?” I heard Him say “step by step, prayer by prayer, teardrop by teardrop.” I was then convinced that no matter what I felt, or what I had faced I was gonna take a step towards Him, I said yes. I told Him I’d make the climb to the top. Beloved, there’s gonna come a time when God is gonna ask you to make that climb, through life events and situations that you find a bit uncomfortable He’ll ask you take a step towards Him because when you belong to God, you belong to God. He won’t let anyone else have you. You may feel a pulling like I did and confused like I was. This is the time when you cannot ignore Him any longer. He becomes the elephant in the room and I say that with respect. That’s because He has stepped out of the shadow and that thing He placed within you from birth now cries out to Him, waiting for the manifestation of your calling to be revealed, not to Him but to you and the world. When God wants you, He will shake everything up, just to get you. When God wants you He will move people out of your life just to get you. You’ll cry out “why me God” and He’ll say because “I needed you to look up and say that.” He won’t force Himself into your situation, He’ll walk pass your boat while the wind and the waves are ripping it apart and if you have faith, He’ll call you out to Him and if you doubt He’ll catch you, but if you rather stay in that boat, that relationship, that lifestyle that you’re in, He’ll wait until you invite Him in. You’re gonna be asked to make a climb and right now they are things in your life that you rather not turn from you rather not give them up. There are two times God’s gonna ask you to make the climb…the first will be when you have other options and if you say no then, the next time time will be when you have no other options. Case in point, Jonah could’ve said yes to God on the dock, instead he found himself saying yes in the belly of a whale. This isn’t referring to judgement, I do not believe in a vindictive God. This is referring to love, because He loves you so much. I’m not at the top of my mountain, in fact when I look down I can still see the bottom, but I’m here to tell you that with just the first step towards the top, you’ll be that much further away from the bottom.

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