More than words


I was laying in bed a few mins ago and a thought came to me and that thought was; do I believe in love at first sight? Now before you get totally freaked out that I’m asking myself questions, please understand that this is something I do often. I sit in bed and have a sane conversation with myself. I do this because the two beings you can never, no never lie to is God and yourself. You may lie to some people sometimes yet not all the time but with yourself and God, you can lie none of the time. God knows everything about you and you know everything about yourself so sometimes it’s beneficial that you have a sane conversation with yourself because you will always answer yourself honestly and so will God. I can get deeper into this talking to yourself topic but I want to get back to the question I asked myself. Do I believe in love at first sight? No, I don’t. I believe there can be a strong attraction when you first see someone, but I do not think its love. How come the people who believe in love at first sight never just walk up to that person and say “I love you?” Doesn’t happen right? If we understood what “I love you” meant, we would say it lest often and it would mean more when it is said. You cannot possibly see someone across the room and say its love when you know nothing about them to prove the validity or better yet, the sustenance of this love. Relationships don’t last because “I like you” never really quite develop into “I love you”. It may have been said or implied but not shown. You see, you like someone for all the good things about them but you love them in spite of all the bad things about them. I love you means I’ll be there for you, it means I’ll support you even if I disagree with you. What’s your love will become my love and what’s your desires will become my desires. I love you says what’s mine is yours even if what’s yours isn’t mine. It says no matter where I am, you’ll never feel lonely, you’ll never feel unappreciated. I love you says, I hate that bad habit about you and it’s because I love you that’s why I hate it. I’m not trying to show you up and I’m not trying to judge you, after all I’m not perfect either. I love you says that I’m not always right, I could be wrong this time. I love you says we’ll take steps together and rekindle our love together. I love you says that it’s no longer you and it’s no longer me, but it’s now the you in me. 

Read first Corinthians 13, see what love is. It’s not puffed up, it doesn’t seek its own, doesn’t hold grudges. Most people throwing love around have failed just within the parameters of these three declarations of love. We seek our own so many times, we get puffed up so many times and we refuse to let go of things because of pride so many times. Love is a noun when you have it but turns into a verb when you show it. Love save lives, love corrects, love intercedes and love interferes for the better good. Love forgives and completes the process by forgetting, love is the extension cord that reaches out to the unreachable. Love feeds, love clothes, love prays and love helps. Our Lord is all of this and only He had an option to weigh everything and still decided that He loves us. 
The next time you decide to say these words to someone, think about it first. After you’ve seen everything, and withstood everything and weighed everything and you know that what you’re feeling deep inside can overcome all this and more, then you’ve earned the right to say I love you and mean it. God bless.

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