Listen for the voice


Lately I’ve been in a place where I’ve been doing much thinking and as many of you know that a year ago, I went through a difficult time in my life. At one point I honestly thought I would lose my mind. People tried to hit me up on twitter, people checked on me through Facebook and others reached out by telephone. During my plight I questioned God, asking Him if He loved me so, then why? Why must I go through this and where was He when I needed Him. How many of you know that He’s always there? How many of you know that He doesn’t show up all the time with a bang? After the fire has shown up to scorch you, the wind to intimidate you and the earthquake to shake your world then your only question is where is God? Then He suddenly whispers in a still small voice and says “I’m here.” Now your perception is important here. Bad perception says the fire wants to burn you, while good perception says it wants to purge you, bad perception says the wind wants to blow you away, but good perception says it wants to direct you and bad perception says the earthquake wants to destroy you but good perception says that it wants to shake off every meaningless thing off you and leave you with only the things God can use. 
 The reason why the bible says that He speaks in a still small voice is because after you have encountered the fire and you turn to face the wind and after you think the wind has subsided, here comes the earthquake and if any human experiences these natural occurrences simultaneously, the expected result is to be shaken and full of doubt. Therefore He comes to you in a small voice meant to still you, to calm you. He speaks gently letting you know that He’s not shaken and if you trust Him then you shouldn’t be shaken either and that He’s calm and He’s here to calm you. First came the wind but God wasn’t in the wind, then comes the earthquake and still He’s not in the earthquake, now the fire shows up and He’s not there either. The interesting thing about all this is that He wasn’t present in any of the occurrences but they were a result of His presence. Sometimes He just needs our attention and only a few us are willing to listen for a still small voice unless we’ve experienced some stuff. Unless our world and all we’ve built through self effort becomes meaningless to us, we will always be shaken and stirred until we learn to listen for the still small voice. You say Dewayne, I’ve been through hell. I say to you, you’re not the only one, I’ve been through hell and I’m telling you believe in Romans 8:28, I’m telling you to never give up, listen for the voice because its meant to give you instructions that will lead you out of a place of desolation and destitution. After you’ve been rattled, blown all over the place and burnt, you may say that God doesn’t care, but look what’s next; there’s a still small voice reassuring you that you are still in His hands and even though you find yourself at the lowest point in your life and death becomes seemly and sensible, He speaks. Not in a manner that would add more fear and worry to your already dreadful situation, no but in a still small voice that is meant to reassure you of His love and tender mercies. What are you facing today, what storms are threatening your very existence? Don’t you worry, don’t you fret because God has never failed you yet, believe in Him, that His words are true and unending love He has for you. I’m here to tell you the sweetest time in your life is when you think you have no one and He shows up and proves you wrong and He tells you that you are His own in a still small voice. I pray today that you will be strong in your trials and that God will speak to you wherever you are and He will deliver you from everything, but my advice to you is don’t give up, don’t ever give up!

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