Mom, mommy, mama, ma, mum, mommy


When God made man, He said it was good
When God made woman, we misunderstood 
 That she was to be weaker and not strong like the man
This isn’t the truth, this wasn’t God’s plan

There is a woman I know that looks at me so
Eyes filled with love, face so aglow
Filled with encouragement, hope and strength
This woman, this woman, my very best friend 

She spoke of God to me, as if she already knew
That I would fall in love with Him beginning life anew
She taught me about love, before I even knew it
She stood by side, even when we both knew I blew it

She understands whenever I’m not at my best
Love like this usually goes through a test
Some may fail, but others pass
When it comes to love, she at the head of her class

This woman, this woman, my one true friend
God gave her me, best friends to the end
So when we aren’t perfect, we both understand
Cause we pray for each other, now that’s exactly God’s plan
You’re not my wife and I’m not even your boo
But I really enjoy telling the world about you
You’re one of a kind and that’s really true
I’m not sure exactly where I’d be without you 

You’re wonderful to me
Anticipating all my needs
Strength from without, joy deep within
I’ve never been anywhere, where a prayer hasn’t already been

I call you by  a title but others know your name
You’re  mommy to me and to my siblings, the same
Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce no other
Than my sweet, loving, caring, faithful and beautiful mother………..Joan Rosemarie Barnett!!!
Happy Mothers Day Mom! I love you with all my heart. 

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