Just mom being mom


For those of you reading, who might have already read the poem I wrote for mom thanks for doing so, I really wanted to show her how much she means to me. So I decided to write it for her, but if I stopped at the poem, then it really wouldn’t do much justice or be a crystal clear indication of the kind of mom I’ve had the opportunity of coming to know over the past 30 years. I have to tell you more because there is so much more. I mentioned in the poem that she’s my best friend and people might read it and think I was just looking for a line to complete a rhyme. This isn’t true, my mother is my very best friend, ask anyone of my siblings about my mom. She is without a doubt, one of the most loving and understanding people I know and she loves her children with a love that flirts with unconditional. I’m not sure there is a special gift of love, I can only assume that we have love and we can give love and if we can give love then it must mean that love is some sort of a gift and could very well be referred to as the best gift. If my mom gives love then it must mean that she has lots of love, for how can you give something you don’t have and how can you give it in abundance if your resources are meager. Now we know that no human love for another can ever stack up to the love Christ has for us, so I’m thinking if mom loves me this much and I know this everyday, and Christ loves me also but on a level that far exceeds the love mom has for me, then that’s the kind of love I want to know and hear about. You see, my mom not only led me to Christ through words and teaching but also through the love that she showed me. So when I say that my mom is my best friend, please believe I mean that in every sense of the phrase. We talk about the bible, we pray for each other and encourage each other. I remember about a year ago, I was going through a tough time in life and it all kinda seemed that everything that I attained all came crashing down. I lost everything that gave me pleasure, granted my family was there, but I had become selfish and only cared about me. While going through this trying time for over 6 months, I would reach out to my mother everyday, seeking strength and longing for those kind words I had become so accustomed to. She was there through a period when I was fearful, when I pity myself, when pride came into my heart and when anger was so easily accessible from within. And though it took me a while, she braved the storm with me and faced everything head on with me. We’ve shed tears together, both of joy and of hurt and every difficult time that finds its way into our lives, just makes us that much stronger. There were days when I was strong and days when I was weak. There were days I would be the one encouraging both of us and other days, not so much. After the situation didn’t seem to want to end, I called her and asked her if she was still praying, or had she stopped? I figured if God didn’t want to hear me and God is love, then He would hear the love my mother has for me so I entreated her to pray and keep praying. What I go through creates a ripple effect in our lives because she feels it like I feel it, it hurts her like it hurts me and that’s a special bond, not everyone has that, and my mother offers this kind of relationship to every single one of her kids, and believe me, we gladly receive it. Though my mom and I are connected physically through my birth, we are also connected spiritually. She is my biggest fan and number one supporter and I believe before this world began, God hand picked her and gave her the tools and attributes to raise five kids on a road to destiny, five kids that she has given back to God. This is the kind of woman my mother is, and I had to let you know. A poem is nice but if I don’t break it down to you, you’ll make the mistake of thinking that she’s just another mother. Please don’t think she’s just another mother. She’s supermom, she’s Wonder Woman, she’s Joan Barnett…most of all people, she’s my mom and no one could have done a better job at just being my mom. 

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