I’m sorry can’t make this dance


Go ahead and apologize one more time
It won’t make a  difference, no not this time
For years, “I’m sorry” was all you had to say
But this time, I’m sorry just won’t make it go away

It won’t fix it, it won’t help
Because being with you makes her lose herself
She’s no longer happy, she cries all the time
I’m sorry won’t work, not even at the end of this line

So go ahead and walk over and look her in the eyes

Clear your throat, stand up tall and give “I’m sorry” a try
You’ll expect her to smile, but wait just a while
The tears will start rolling as she’s starting to cry

She’s not crying because she’s angry, that’s not the case
It’s only because she’s losing you
It was all about her, you were her only taste
You thought you were chosen, but she was only choosing you

You haven’t made it yet, but you lived like you have
That she couldn’t change her mind about you
But after nights of tears and days that made her sad
She’s decided to go on without you

Oh don’t be confused, you had a good plan

It’s worked for years, you thought she’d understand
It’s only two words, your keys to get back in
But “I’m sorry” won’t work, “I’m sorry” won’t win

So turn back around and walk out the door
I’m telling you my brother, she don’t want you no more
You said you had love, but you never gave it
Like I said, you walked around here like you already made it

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” was all you kept saying
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” it was like you were praying
Pleading and hoping for just one more chance
But “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” can’t make this dance

“Goodbye, goodbye,” between whimpers and sighs
“Goodbye, goodbye,” you saw it in her eyes
“Goodbye, goodbye,” she needn’t say more
Goodbye, goodbye,” now go through the door

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