Give yourself a chance to be happy…Move On!


In the post dedicated to my mom and dad, I made a statement that says; people who give up on relationships aren’t really made for marriage simply because they can’t make it through one. That might have been taken a little bit out of context because from what I gather people took it as if I meant that folks should never walk away. The statement was addressed to folks who emphasizes and put great importance on commitment but when that commitment is tested they walk away leaving someone who’s kept his or her word with a broken heart. That statement wasn’t meant for you who’ve tried and stuck around and given it your all and your companion chooses not to grow with you or even allow you to grow yourself. I wasn’t speaking to those people who are tired of being sat on and held bondage by someone else’s insecurities and selfishness. To those people who have tried everything to make it work and when it becomes hard to let go and even though the heart wants what the heart wants, you have to understand that love was meant to be given and not chased. At some point you have to come to the realization that you’ve done enough and way too much and a change of mind has to occur letting you know it’s now time to stop. Leave them alone, walk away. This isn’t anything like giving up and this doesn’t mean you didn’t try, on the contrary, you’ve tried everything and given many chances with no promises that it will ever get better. Now comes a time when a distinct and clear line needs to be drawn between determination and desperation and you have to decide what side you’re standing on and the emotions you’re allowing to make decisions for you. This is the time you find out if you’re strong enough to let go. Yes you took a leap and while falling, though scary, you haven’t even taken notice that you’re now growing wings. Don’t be afraid of single because it doesn’t mean you’ve failed on love, it just means you haven’t really tried it yet. Once you find true love, you’ll never let it go and it will never let you go. Remember this ; what is truly yours will eventually be yours and what is not, no matter how hard you try, will never be. God Bless! Follow me on twitter guys @_dobarnett. 

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