A letter to Gavin


Hey Gavin, this is your uncle Dewayne. I haven’t met you yet but I thought I’d write you this, you know…kinda like sending you a kite. I want you to know how excited I am that you’ll be here soon, I want you to also know how excited everyone is about it. We simply cannot wait to hear you cry for the first time or to watch you sleep for the first time. I imagine on that day when you open your eyes, the first thing you see will probably be a strange looking man or woman with a white coat smiling at you, the nurse will probably wrap you in blankets but you’ll be confused. You’ll be staring at this lady being the first person you see but you’ll know it’s nobody special. You won’t know who she is and you’ll forget her easily because she’s not what you expected. The reason you’ll be crying is because for nine months you developed a special bond with someone, you cried when she cried, you laughed when she laughed and you playfully kicked her in the ribs every time she sat down. You’ll cry because that connection you felt won’t be there with that nurse you see and you’ll wonder where your special someone is. Don’t worry, after they wrap you up, they’ll take you to that person, she’s not far because she’s right in the room and as much as you yearn to see her, she sees you and yearns even more to hold you. She sees you before you see her and she stretches her arms out and with tears in her eyes she quickly forgets the pain she had just endured and holds you for the very first time. Her first time meeting someone she knew for nine months, someone she spent every second with for nine months. As soon as she holds you, it will all come back to you, you’ll know immediately that this is the person that you have been so eager to meet. She has been waiting for you and you have been waiting for her. That’s what makes this moment so special. I should tell you her name, you’ll call her mommy but her name is Candace. She’ll be the first family you see but there will be more people definitely outside waiting to meet you. I’m gonna help you out a little bit and introduce them ahead of time to you. Your father’s name is Oneil, I’ve known him all my life. He’s smart, he’s kind and he’s one of the best fathers I’ve ever known. I know this because he’s had a run at it before you got here. So no, this isn’t his first time. I know he’ll love you with all of his heart, he’ll teach you things and take you places. He’ll work his butt off just to make sure you’re taken care of. No one will question his commitment when it comes to you, no one will question his love when it comes to you. You’ll have love the very first time you open your eyes, in fact you have love right now. You also have a big brother, his name is JR. He’s the most thoughtful and loving little man I know. He’s pretty excited about all this, and he takes after his dad, so he’ll be very protective of you, you can be sure of that. When you see how he’s turning out so far you’re gonna know you’re in good hands. Grandma will also be there, a woman of grace and the epitome of proverbs 31. Maybe your mom will read it to you so that you’ll know what to expect from grandma. Grandma is gonna always be there for you, in fact grandma is still always there for me and I’m way grown, imagine what she’s gonna do for you. Grandmas aren’t meant to groom kids, they were meant to spoil them.  Wait till you meet this woman, her name is Joan and you’re gonna absolutely love her. Next is grandpa, he doesn’t know this but lately even though we are apart, he’s been really special to me, really special! Grandpa knows how to do everything and he’s very smart. He can stare at anything and figure out how to get it done, I love that about him. He’s also kind and gentle but he speaks up for himself all the times. Sometimes I wish I had his courage. You know they say the best dads are promoted to grandpas, well he’s been promoted once and you’re about to be his second promotion. His name is Emile and he has lots to teach you every time you come to visit. Joel is also your uncle and there’s lots you need to know about him. He’s hardworking but he actually just picked up that good habit. He knows what he wants in life and he goes and gets it. He thinks he’s a ladies man but that special girl will soon come along to make him a one lady’s man. Sherane’s next and she’s the only aunt you have on our side of the family. You can count on her to babysit though, she’s grown up pretty big and is now in college. We are all very proud of her because we see how determined she can be at times and we see her doing big things in the near future. Your youngest uncle is Daniel. You probably won’t even need to call him uncle because he’s like 12. I’m sure he doesn’t mind though. Danny is special in every way, I call him the golden child because everything about him is basically going right where we all went wrong. He’s intelligent and focused and we love that about him. You’ll probably see him when you visit in the summer or for thanksgiving or Christmas but don’t challenge him in any fighting games because he won’t take it easy on you just because you’re small or don’t know how to play. So that’s the Barnetts, we are a crazy bunch but we love and respect each other. There are a few side notes though, your mom, dad, me and Joel all went to Florida State, so……..go Seminoles! God first and everything else after, remember that. Always respect mommy and grandma, they’re your special ladies and no matter how small you are, you take care of them. Spend as much time with your dad as possible, soak everything in that he teaches you like a sponge, respect him and love him, cause you’re getting all that from him as well. We love you Gavin and so you’ve kinda met us, but we can’t wait to really meet you. 

Your favorite uncle,

5 thoughts on “A letter to Gavin

  1. Gavin let me introduce you to your uncle Dewayne, he is the one who taught me how to be a dad from the beginning. All the protection, the love and strenght that I will teach and show you he was my first pupil. He is a determine young man and can find a way out of no way, that’s what I find so interesting about my brother, your uncle. Your uncle knows I will risk my life for him, thats why he knows what I will do and risk for you and JR. He is my blade.

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