Desperate Woman, Desperate Faith


As I laid down in bed last night ready to doze off, I started feeling a pulling to read. Now I thought it was late and I had already taken my zzzquil so I was pretty much ready to pass out. I couldn’t though, I had to read. I found myself in the book of Matthew chapter 9. Now over the next few posts I want to talk briefly about four different events that took place in this chapter. Four different events but five separate people. The first event included Jesus’ call of Matthew the tax collector. The second talks about a ruler (Jarius) who came to Jesus asking if He would bring his daughter back to life. The third is about a woman with a flow of blood which she had been suffering from for 12 years. The last event describes two blind men who cried out to Jesus, making petition to receive their sight. Four different events, five people and four different types of faith. I don’t want to spend any time on the first, second, or last event in this post because each event deserves a post of its own which I will cover over the next few days. Today however, I want to use the illustration of the woman with the flow of blood to drive my point home.
This event is my favorite, a woman with a flow of blood for twelve years decides that she must see Jesus. I’m not sure what ladies go through at their time of the month but I’ve been around enough girlfriends to know when to stay out of their way and that’s just for about seven days. This woman had her time of the month for 12 years straight. After trying doctors and healers and incantations, nothing worked. Nowadays, women have the ability to skip their periods by using birth control or other methods. No such technological advance was available in those days. Now we have to appreciate the dilemma that this woman found herself in. Leviticus chapter 15 speaks of laws governing women with a discharge of blood. Leviticus 15:25 states; And if a woman has an issue of blood for many days, not during the time of her separation, or if she has a discharge beyond the time of her regular impurity, all the days of the issue of her uncleanness she shall be as in the days of her impurity; she shall be unclean. This wasn’t a seven day thing, she had been unclean for twelve years. What she was attempting to do was against the law. She could be stoned for just touching Jesus but after twelve years you tend to get a little desperate, after suffering for twelve years the penalty just didn’t seem as intimidating, after twelve years she’s made up in her mind that she would rather die than to go on with this problem. No one touched her for twelve years, no one went into her house or sat on her bed for twelve years. No one offered to help her with her groceries, no one came over to help around the house. She had no friends, she had no one. She hears about Jesus and just like Jarius earlier in the chapter, she believed that after trying everything else, this was the only option. Most miracles in our lives are performed when God becomes our only option. So she decides that she needed a miracle, but no one can find out what she was planning to do. The bible says that while Jesus was on His way to Jarius’ house, the woman came up behind Him and touched the fringe of His garment. This shows exemplary faith, I know it’s not protocol, I’m not suppose to do it, but you don’t know what I’ve been through, you don’t know how much I’ve suffered, you don’t understand how long twelve years can be when you’re sick and no one wishes to come near you. These are twelve agonizing years, these are twelve painful years and these are twelve long and lonely years. So she comes up with a plan, she wanted to get a miracle but she couldn’t risk anyone seeing her touching Jesus. So she chose a time when a crowd surrounded Jesus and she makes her way towards him. The bible said that she kept telling herself that all she had to do was just touch the fringe, surely He wouldn’t be able to feel her touch from just the fringe of His garment, but if He did, she had a backup plan. Due to the crowd around Him, if He even felt the touch, no way could He know that she was the one who touched Him. She knew He was on His way to another miracle, it wasn’t even her time, it wasn’t even her miracle but this moment was such an opportune time that she couldn’t let Him just walk away. This was such a perfect time, the crowd was there, no one would notice her. Would she ever get another moment like this? She wouldn’t wait to find out. Ignoring protocol, ignoring consequences, ignoring laws, embarrassment and disgrace she decides to go for it. Encouraging herself, silencing her fears and doubts with every crawl she makes towards Him, tired of life, tired of being a social pariah and just sick and tired of being sick and tired, she kept reminding herself of what she had to do. She kept doing this because surely there could’ve been two outcomes. Either she touched Him and someone sees her or she touches Him and gets healed. If she kept thinking about what might happen, it could have turned her away, but she was so sure that the formula for her healing was just to touch a piece of His garment, which shouldn’t be much of a distraction or hindrance to keep Him from where He was headed. She didn’t need Him to call her name, she wasn’t looking for a compliment or declaration, she wasn’t even trying to bother him. The years of loneliness had made her feel insignificant so she didn’t need any of His time, she just wanted to touch a part of His garment that was as insignificant as she was. “If I could just touch the fringe.” “Who touched me?” Wasn’t meant to be taken as a physical touch, after all she only touched the fringe. “Who touched me?” meant “who with such great faith touched me, who with such great faith activated the healing power and virtue within me? even when it wasn’t even her time.” He turns around and picks her out of a large crowd and immediately tells her to take courage, her faith has made her whole. What is standing in your way today of touching Jesus? Who is standing in your way? I know it’s not protocol, I know it’s not the popular option and I know friends might think you’re crazy, but if you’re fed up enough of your situation then none of that matters. Desperate people don’t see any of that, they just want a miracle, they just need a miracle. How desperate are you?

Touching Jesus is all that really matters
And your life will never be the same
There is only one way to touch Him
Just believe when you call on His name

Reach out and touch The Lord as he passes by
You’ll find He’s not too busy to hear your heart’s cry
He’s passing by this moment, your needs to supply
Reach out and touch The Lord as He passes by

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