That’s not what I wanted to hear


Have you ever ran to someone after a breakup? Maybe a best friend or your mom, dad, closest brother or sister or just maybe an adult who you look up to? A guy might go to his dad and a girl might go to her mom or her best friend. Sometimes guys find it a bit harder to express their feelings simply because they were taught it was a sign of weakness in doing so. Girls however find this task a bit easier, they always have that one girlfriend they can confide it. You go to her hurt, confused and with tears in your eyes. I mean this is your go to person, someone you know is capable of saying exactly what is needed to make you feel better. This person has come through for you before, they know you more than you know yourself. They know when to lie for you, even when you didn’t ask them to. She knows the type of guys you’re attracted to and she knows everything about the one you do want. Some of you are picturing that friend right now.  When you go to her, she knows every one of your facial expressions and she knows exactly what they mean. You can talk to her just by making facial expressions. She knows you this well. She might be your sister, but if she’s not then she’s closer than your sister. She knows you so well that if you would just call her, she would by the tone of your voice knew something was wrong. Not only would she know something was wrong, but she would also know exactly what was wrong. She invites you over to talk and you get up, brush yourself off, you put that t-shirt on he gave you to sleep in…your favorite one. You can even still smell his cologne on it. One the way over you brainstorm on how you can fix your relationship, on how you can get him back. You come up with some pretty good ideas now all you need, is your best friend to encourage you. That should be easy right? I mean it’s your best friend and she knows exactly what to say to make you feel better. You get there and she greets you at the door with a hug, wipes a tear from your eyes and then invites you in. You begin to tell her everything that has transpired. After you’ve poured your heart out and cried your eyes out, you look up for that moment, it was time for her to say that one thing that she always says to make you feel better. It wasn’t the same thing all the time, but it was the right thing all the time. You can see it now, she’s coming up with some great ideas on how to make your ex jealous, on how to make him run back into your arms again. Then she looks up at you, opens her mouth and says “don’t worry, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.” Has that ever happened to you?

4 thoughts on “That’s not what I wanted to hear

  1. Yeah – I gotten this…..


    “It was probably for the best”
    “Well, at least you know she wasn’t the one for you”

    …and my favourite…

    “It obviously wasn’t meant to be”

    Makes me feel tons better >.<

  2. Yeah, that’s true =) I understand it can be difficult for them….knowing what to say…finding the right words…and I know they have the best intentions in the world. I just sometimes get a little frustrated I guess =)

  3. Internal frustration is hard, it’s when you know what you want and have no idea how to get it. You look to your best friend to help you out with this, but they offer nothing or do they?

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