Everybody Hates Me ðŸ˜žðŸ˜ž

Good morning guys, someone sent me the picture below the other day and I immediately thought I had to share it with you. For those who have been coming by and have been reading this blog, I want you to know that I really appreciate it. I know it’s Monday and some of you have probably had the most awesome weekend. I know I did, church was good and I got to come home and watch a few basketball games. I love basketball by the way, my Lakers won and that made me happy. Now it’s Monday and even though I get to stay in this morning, I know many of you have to head to work. Some of you are not in a happy mood and some of you are not in a happy place. Some of you are only a word away from just telling somebody what’s really on your mind. I know it’s Monday, but remember its a day we have not seen before, it’s a day full of promises to restore us and challenges to strengthen us.  It’s a day of possibilities and hope, it’s a day where someone somewhere is looking up to God saying “could this be the day?” A day of healing, restoration and forgiveness, could this be the day? See it as Mine-day instead of Mon-day, make it your day, a day you can be proud of. We can see Monday as dreadful, or as opportunity to be a blessing to someone less fortunate than ourselves. We can see Monday as obstacle in our way or as something that can set us for a great week. God Bless. 


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