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Last night as I laid in bed, God started speaking to me about failure vs success. Our perspective at times determines whether we fail and give up or we fail and try again. We live in a world where failure seems accepted and success seems almost too good to be true. This is a world where success is measured by the car you drive, the house you own, the country club you belong to and the friends in your circle. We have been painted a picture of success that has everything to do with one’s socioeconomic status and nothing to do with character. We’ve taught our kids that the kind of success that requires more than one attempt probably wasn’t meant to be. We’ve instilled in a young generation the fear and ambivalence of just trying it again. A generation that fears failure so much that success couldn’t be worth it. Why push when it just won’t budge? Trying again has become overrated and an inconvenience to persons who just want it right now. Blood, sweat and tears have become lost words amongst a generation that believes it should be a lot easier. Blood means persistence, tears means disappointment and sweat means hard work sometimes in unbearable conditions. We see the end results of success and don’t quite understand the process, the sleepless nights, the tears, the disappointments and the heartbreaks. We are living at a time when folks who have succeeded have failed to show the way to success. A time when people would much rather be the only one on the block with the white picket fence and a nice car in the garage. We live in a world where even computer error messages are encouraging our kids to tap and try again. We live in world where even if a text message isn’t sent the first time we are advised to just push a button and try again and yet we tell our future that its ok to give up, it wasn’t meant to be. We live in a society where we have taken the words “success” and “failure,” separated them and turned them against each other. We have poisoned young minds with the absolute idea that failing means you are simply not succeeding. That to fail means it wasn’t meant to be. On the contrary, while you are failing, if you are learning then my friend you are succeeding. To me, failure means gratification delayed and it makes success that much more desirable. If we will teach our kids that failure does not mean success have eluded them and that failure is not the opposite of success but failure serves as a catalyst and a guideline to success. If we will teach our kids that every time they fail, if they would just take notes, remember the lesson and try again, tweaking it a bit, soon success can be achieved. If you will encourage kids, not just your kids and let them know that it’s ok to fail many would stay in school. Failure ignites the runway towards success, failure warns of danger zones, failure exposes what needs to be removed from the equation for success, failure points to the ingredient that threw off your recipe. Failure tests you and tests you and tests you, it will never kick you out the classroom because you didn’t get a passing score. Failure is always willing to give you another shot. Failure points out where you went wrong and it also points out where you went right. Failure is your cheat code for the next time around. You cannot quit, you cannot receive valuable information and insight to walk away without even trying again.  If I fail enough and I learn from it, eventually I would have gained the know how to get it right. I can discover all the different ways to fail, but when I discover the way to succeed, then I will never fail again. I’m not just simply looking to succeed, I’m trying to find the formula to success because if I can figure out the formula, then I can apply it to any problem I have and watch it work itself out.  Failure doesn’t hinder success, it delays it so that when it does come you would have already learned to appreciate it. Don’t be afraid to attempt the impossible, to do the improbable and to attain the unattainable. Every time you fail, take that emotions, take that pain, take that hurt and use it as fuel to just start again. Someone told me the other day that failure is temporary, it’s the giving up that makes it permanent. You keep hitting the wrong notes, but if you’ll try again and again and again, soon you’ll be able to play a beautiful song instinctively without even thinking. God bless you and I love you all!

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