Who’s getting your love?


Though once I was I am no more
To say the least, I am unsure
Of what I’ve become beyond closed doors
A man that’s broken, need I say more?
Though I speak, I am not heard
I cried for help, but said not a word
I thought you’d see it in my face
The hurt, the pain, the big disgrace.
I came to your church, I gave you a sign
The joy you speak of, have never been mine
You didn’t introduce me to the source of your strength
You didn’t think I was special, you didn’t think I was sent.
I was that homeless man that sat in the back
The fatherless children under attack,
I was the lady who had no food
I was that teenager that drugs had abused.
Please excuse my clothes, it’s not my best
Excuse my hair, I’ve had no rest,
I walk these streets seeking love
On my knees looking above.
I leave your church, I’m still the same
You spoke of Someone, but never said His name
Though I have no offering, I heard He gives
Though my hopes are dead, I heard He lives
Broken and alone, I dragged on home 
Sad and defeated I go,
Though lies avail and life entails
The struggles I’ve come to know.
I leave you one challenge, a friendly advice
When he walks through your doors, look at him twice,
You do not know him, but he’s your brother
Greet him and love him like no other.
We are examples of Jesus’ love
A perfect blueprint sent from above,
Used to love our brothers, neighbors and friends
We love them, we love them, we love them, until the very end.

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