The power of one?


They say one is a lonely number, the loneliest number of all. When you’re saved however in Christ there is no one, when you make Jesus your all, there is no one. Remember that next time you’re crying and life’s burdens seem to weigh you down. Remember that you’re no longer a number one, you are not subjected to the stigma of loneliness but now you have Someone who is willing to share the load, Someone who is willing to accept a strange exchange, His strength for your weakness, His righteousness for your filthy rags. How can you let “one” beat you, how can you succumb to the lies and deception of your enemy telling you that you don’t matter? When Jesus has already said that He will never leave or forsake us. One is a lie, one seeks to single you out and destroy you from within your mind. One fights to keep you from being happy, because loneliness makes one happy. One cares about itself and convinces you to do the same. One cares not for the dying or the perishing, one ignores the pain of a brother or a sister. One seeks its own pleasure. It’s me me me when it comes to one and then it is habitualized in your actions. It’s time to evict one, tell it that it is no loner welcomed. Tell it that you will no longer bow to it. Claim the victory over one, don’t fight against one alone. Don’t throw punches at one or scorn one instead love one, see one in a different way, encourage one in every way. All this time one has been telling you to give up, but don’t give up, keep going, keep praying and keep hoping. One cannot destroy you unless you let it, it cannot convince you to hurt yourself unless you let it. One is you, you have control over the mind of one, you have control over the actions of one and you have victory of the willful hurtful attempts of one. The next time you feel overwhelmed, say like David..lead me to the rock that is higher than I. You’re not alone, you may be one but when Jesus came to be with you, you stopped being alone. If one lies to you, shout the truth euphorically at it. Make a declaration and watch one tremble under the mighty hand of God. Claim your victory today and defeat one, once and for all. If you aren’t saved, all it takes is for you to believe in faith that God sent His son to give His life for us and to love us unconditionally that we can have eternal life and never have to crumble to or fear one again. God bless!

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