You have no power over me


I bet you thought that I would crumble when you left.
You thought I wouldn’t make it because I faked it with you.
Obviously you don’t know me very well
Because if you did, you would know I may break down
But I won’t crumble,
Not for you, not over you.
I may not sleep, but not for long,
I may have tears but that’ll soon be gone.
My sulky, misery loves company attitude
Wishing it would rain because it fits what I feel.
A love that last forever or whatever seems so unreal.
Someone else will come along and she’ll say what you said,
Paint a picture of a future and use words like unconditional
And words like forever and happy.
The kind of words that you remember 
when everything else falls apart,
When every misrepresentation of happiness becomes transparent,
The kind of words that gives hope that she’ll call, 
quit staring at the phone dude.
But I call them just words, empty promises, lies even.
I thought we weren’t suppose to lie to each other?
Honesty is the best policy right?
It’s ok I know you thought I’d fall flat on my face,
I did, but after I stopped thinking about you, 
I found the courage to get back up.
So yeah, I’m actually doing really good,
Thank you for allowing me to see myself
Because while you were around, you were all I could see.
Now I see me and I love me, I have a life brand new
Hey if you knew me now, I bet you’d love me too. 

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