Actions speak louder than words


Practice Vs Exercise 
I recall back in 2010 when there was a lot of things I wanted to give up. I had taken a look at my life and saw some things that weren’t beneficial to me. In order to give some of these things up, I needed to find a new hobby, something that would take up the empty space. I decided to buy a guitar because I thought it was artistic and the degree of difficulty in learning to play it would amply occupy my time. So I bought this guitar without knowing what a C major chord was or a G major chord was. I didn’t know the first thing about playing the guitar but I was willing to learn. I got one of my friends to tune my guitar and when he played it sounded so beautiful, but I couldn’t make that sound right now, it would take practice and exercise. I went to YouTube to find some lessons and found a few that were extremely helpful. I knew all the beginners chords and played simple songs well but I had to learn the barre chords as well. To learn the barre chords, it required strength because you had to really press down on the strings and really squeeze the neck to get a clear distinct sound and that required exercise.
In todays Christian world, this is where we sometimes fall short. We hear the elders preach weekly to exercise our faith and we misconstrue that command into believing it means to just speak the word. That is not what it means to exercise your faith. In fact even though I know what the barre chords looked like, if I don’t exercise my fingers in order to strengthen them, I cannot begin to practice. I cannot practice my faith if I don’t first exercise my faith. How do you exercise your faith? The Bible says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Now I work out very often and I can tell you if I exercise my body, it includes eating right, sleeping right and drinking lots of water. You also have to be able to know what to eat and when to eat it. Faith comes by hearing, so if I was to compare exercising faith with exercising your body, the word of God, fasting, praying and worshipping would be your eating right, sleeping right and drinking lots of water. These are the works and the Bible says that faith without works is dead. So after I have exercised my faith, now I am ready to practice my faith by speaking it. I can do this because I know what the word says, I understand the promises of God and now I’m ready to put my faith into action because I’ve exercised my faith and now it’s stronger than ever.
Listen to me, a basketball player goes into the teams’s facility, there are a few things that he does to prepare for a game. He gets therapy, he hits the weight room to exercise and strengthen his body, he stretches and then he practices. After doing all this he is now so confident in what the has deposited in himself that he can now perform with ease on the court. Faith without works is dead. Stop standing around speaking it into being, read the word, exercise your faith then speak it and watch God do what you cannot do. Thanks for reading, happy Friday and God Bless.

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