One more thing before I go


I think I think and then I know
Just how much I regret letting you go
And though you say it’s not my fault
That fixes nothing, you’ve had a change of heart
This is not about ego, I’ve thrown that aside
This is not about fear and its not about my pride
This is about us, can’t you understand?
That a man loves a woman but the woman didn’t love the man
Your feelings have changed, your smile says it all
I see it in your walk and I hear it when you call
I remember when I was more than enough
Then you saw more and enough was no longer enough
At least that’s what you say, I really don’t know
I fought a little, lost a lot but I had to let you go
You say it’s not me, it you..well you’re damn right
Because contrary to what you think, this kid will be more than alright.

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