The details are in the prep work


I’ve always had a love and appreciation for someone who doesn’t just see things as it is but they see things as what they can become. For some of us, we would rather wait for the finished product instead of having to deal with the construction process. We don’t want anything to do with it as is, we would just rather come around when it’s reached it’s full potential. I used to point out and notice immediately the imperfection in things and people not knowing that its the imperfection that drives them to be perfect. If they have the right attitude that is. The danger in waiting to see a finished product is not being able to fully appreciate what that product has been through. Any good chef will tell you that the flavor and makeup of any meal depends on good prep work. A combination of ingredients and seasoning has to come together to give the meal a desired taste, a finished look. When we cannot see the prep work, we assume that it was easy to make the meal. We assume that it didn’t require all that much effort until we go home and try to make it ourselves. No matter how we try and try, it never seems to come out right, because our approach has been wrong concerning the prep work.
Whenever we would have thanksgiving dinner we would show up around 3pm when dinner is being served, but didn’t understand that mom has been up all morning preparing a fabulous meal. Sometimes the meat has been seasoned since the night before and mom knows the secret of why she does this. See mom knows how long it’s gonna take to season that and this, she knows how long to put the turkey in the oven and she knows exactly what temperature to leave it on. She knows when to turn it up and when to turn it down. Mom has become so accustomed to preparing thanksgiving meals that she prepares it now with little effort but the prep work is still the same. She finishes and sets the table and takes a step back and sees that it is good. She remembers peeling and boiling the potatoes for the potato salad and takes great pride in seeing the finished results. She remembers what the turkey looked like when she bought it at the store and because of the prep work, her knowledge and dedication she sees the finished product and sees that it is good. She remembers how everything was before she started and she sees how it is now and it makes her proud. She chooses it, she preps it and she presents it to us. God chooses you, preps you and presents you to the people. No one is gonna understand fully what you’ve been through. God understands, He came with you in mind, called you and even though the prepping was painful, you endured and when the process was complete, He presented you as nourishment and bread to the people. The Bible said Jesus took the bread and broke it and blessed it and gave it to the people. Don’t despise the prep work, because at the end you’ll find your purpose. God Bless.

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