Love Personified


Today my friends, is a day that I have not been looking forward to. I knew it was coming, I was well aware of how it would make me feel and I was sure of what my thoughts would be. All my assumptions were completely inaccurate however. No I don’t feel sad, no I’m not upset and I’m not disquieted either. I’ve been on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and a few other social media sites and you can’t help but notice how aware everyone is of today. Some people would rather forget it, some people are embracing it and others wish it never existed but everyone knows what today is. For some it reminds them of years of love they have shared, others remember years of hurt they have endured and still there are some who have not experienced any of it as of yet. There’s either three things we are all doing today, one is we are spending it with a significant other, two is we are sulking and feeling sorry for ourselves and three we are walking with a smile and an attitude that says “I am proud to be single.” There are men out there who’s special acts of love is limited to just this day. There are other men who show love all throughout the year but uses today as an opportunity to reiterate how much he loves you. When I think about valentines day, it reminds me of two thousand years ago when the ultimate sacrifice of love was made for mankind. I take it one step further and think about the time God declared His plans of reconciling mankind unto Himself (Gen 3:14-15). I even call to mind a beautiful verse that the Apostle John used to paraphrase God’s eternal love for me, John 3:16. As man waits for a special occasion to show love, God’s occasion is simply this…He is love. For God, just by being who He is allows a constant flow of love directed towards us. While we can have a valentine one year and have none the following year due to love growing cold or is no longer there…God’s love never ceases or fails. How important is this love? Lets just say that without the love God gives, we wouldn’t be able to show love ourselves to anyone. The kind of love you show depends on you, the fact that you’re able to love at all depends on God. Nothing was made without Him and that includes love. So if we were able to display the same type of love God shows us, we would never fall out of love, because this is a love that is unconditional, a love that never ceases and a love that never grows cold. It is immune to life’s circumstances.
However, the love God puts in us is not limited to husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. The reservoir of love God intended for us to draw from should be extended to neighbors and friends, associates and even enemies. When was the last time valentines day meant this to us? We volunteer at a soup kitchen for Christmas to feed the homeless, but we overlook it on valentines day. We show everybody kindness on Christmas, but we ignore a few people on valentines day. The point I’m trying to make is that if we are going to declare February 14, every year as a day of love..we should understand that the Bible compels us to love another with abandon, even strangers. It’s not just every now and then, it’s not just intimate’s a love with boarders that curtains humanity in general. It’s a love that doesn’t have a logo or symbol, but it shown through acts and attitudes. Just like Santa Clause isn’t the story of Christmas and the Easter bunny isn’t the basis for Easter, Cupid with his arrows isn’t the foundation of love. Love isn’t given through arrows, it’s deposited in us through God and then overflows to people in our lives, even strangers. As you celebrate your day, either with friends, your significant other or by yourself, reflect upon a love that is so pure and precious that God gave us the thing He treasured the most…His Son. It does not matter about the love St. Valentines showed or Romeo displayed…no! Love personified is Jesus on the cross, love shown is Jesus being risen and love continued is His uninterrupted grace towards us. There remains faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is a total act of self-giving shown with abandon which is true love. God Bless.

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