Charlie the Corn


Truly, truly, I say to you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it stays alone: but if it die, it brings forth much fruit. John 12:24

While doing my daily devotion today, a parable of Jesus concerning the corn of wheat came into mind. I sat down and started going over it in my head. It’s like it started making so much sense to me. So I came up with a story that I want to share about this corn of wheat to try and explain what God was showing me. I’m gonna call him Charlie and hopefully the story of Charlie will help you understand the process it requires for us to grow. In the story, I am gonna refer to Charlie as a single corn, so you can better understand where I am going with my illustration.

Charlie’s life had always been a success story. He was born in a middle class family, went to the best preparatory corn school, graduated top of his class at Cornwall University and got a successful job at Corncomb and company, one of the best financial firms in the world. Everything was going good for him. Other corns were jealous of his success and wanted to see him fail but he kept being successful. Charlie had knowledge, he knew his job and loved his job and even though this was his life’s plan, The Farmer, in this case is God, had different plans for Charlie.

Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die

One day Charlie started losing everything, he had lost his job, his wife and almost lost his sanity. Charlie couldn’t understand what was going on. This fall represents situations in life that came to humble Charlie. Charlie took a fall to the ground, the fall didn’t kill him but it broke some bones and the humility of being so low when he was once so high, crushed his spirit. There was nothing around Charlie but dirt…life, even though it left him on top of the soil, it was now threatening to drive him into the ground. While laying on the ground with his eyes turned upwards, he sees where he came from, he remember how far up he was and he notices how far he has fallen. Charlie begs God to restore him, He begs God to give him another chance, but the Farmer had different plans. Charlie fights and fights because he doesn’t want to succumb to the soil around him, fear of the unknown has caused him to wrestle instead of just giving in. The rain came and bashed him, the sun came and scorched him and still he fought. “I just want my life back,” he cries, the farmer assures him to trust Him, He has it in control.

And dies…..

Charlie finally gets tired, he now understands that going back is not an option and staying where he’s at is worse. So the next time the rain came, he lets go and dies and the earth receives him. When the rain continues and the sun was hot, Charlie couldn’t feel it because one, he was dead and two, he was in the soil. He couldn’t get the nutrients from the elements until he died. Before then they just made things harder. So Charlie while dead is feeling alone, he had decided to let go and let God but he’s dead, and he still doesn’t see the results on the outside. This discourages him a bit, because he gave up and died, he expected instant results, but there was still work to be done. He’s still in the soil, but there’s something going on inside him. The rain and sun mixed with the nutrients of the soil was conceiving something inside him. When sun came by itself it scorched him, when the rain came by itself it bashed him and the soil by itself couldn’t help him. But when all three came together abreast with a will to die to self, the miracle started.

But if it dies, it brings forth much fruit

So Charlie is noticing that even though the situation looks bad on the outside, something in him is confirming that everything is good on the inside. And soon what’s on the inside will break ground and be a testimony of what he had to endure. Charlie was starting to learn that there was nothing he could do to impede the process and that there was nothing he could do to speed it up…his only job was to die. One day Charlie sprouted but still haven’t broke ground and being so close with nothing to lose, he starts to push and push and he finally breaks through! Charlie sprouted out and the rain came and the sun shone and because he is now a plant he receives these things in a different way. They are now a blessing and through all this, he must stay rooted and grounded in the soil. Don’t forget your time in the soil, it will empower you if you think about it while growing. It will remind you of what you had to go through and allow you to appreciate where you’re at that much more. So Charlie’s friends start to come by and they talk and some of them can’t even recognize him because he looks so different. This is not the same Charlie that fell to the ground a while ago. This is not the same Charlie that was crying and begging not to go through the process. So Charlie continues to grow and he continues to feed on the sun, the rain and the soil. Then he notices as he stays steadfast he starts to blossom and he starts to bloom and he starts to produce fruit and he’s not alone anymore. Because he gave himself to God and His will, Charlie fulfilled his purpose for his life and that was to go into the ground and stay humble until God exalts him and blesses him to bless others. Your experiences are not for you, they were never meant for you, they were meant for the fruit you’re supposed to produce. God Bless.

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