Happy Birthday Dad


I am feeling pretty proud of myself today. I was the first one to call my Dad this morning and wish him a happy birthday. Out of my three brothers and one sister, I was the absolute first. I might’ve even beaten my mom to it. I called this morning at exactly 6:45 and asked her if she knew any old men that I could talk to…she obviously didn’t get the joke, which leads me to assume that she hadn’t yet wished him a happy birthday. I am especially proud that for as long as I can remember I called him without having to be reminded or without having it pop in my head around 3 in the afternoon. I’ve missed the whole day altogether before..it’s not a good feeling. This time however, I was looking forward to it…I had it alarmed in my phone since Sunday. This time I wouldn’t miss it, this time I wouldn’t be late and this time I’d be the first to wish him a happy birthday. Birthdays are special in our family and we are all content with just a birthday wish and knowing someone remembers. But my mom, she gets the full treatment…birthday cards, nice gifts and dinner at a restaurant of her choosing. Mom has to get this because she does so much but please don’t make the mistake that dad doesn’t do as much. I’ve watched my father bust his tail to feed his family and I’ve watched my father bust his tail for God. It’s just that dad doesn’t want all that stuff, or at least if he did , he never told us. Ever since I was a child, I’ve noticed that my father doesn’t fuss over a lot of things. I’ve never seen my father argue with anyone outside of his marriage. He’s a rather laid back…not in your face type of guy. That’s definitely something I respect about him and also the fact that he’s a heck of a soccer player. I remember him playing soccer and being one of the best players in the neighborhood. I can remember the respect he demanded from his teammates and the respect he got from his peers. Out of all my siblings I’ve never been the closest to my father, but he does have a distinct relationship with all of us. With my big brother being his first son, they share a special bond..I think he reminds him a lot of who he was when he was younger. With my younger brother, they share a more jovial relationship, they would fake argue and say things to each other that would seem funny only to them. My sister is his only daughter so he takes a more authoritative role with her, but some things he prefers to leave to my mother. With the baby boy, only 12 years old, he’s more of a guardian with him, he is his youngest son after all. In fact, my older brother has my dad’s first name as his middle name and the younger has my dad’s middle name as his middle name. I didn’t get any of that, so I try to figure out, what’s the basis of me and my dad’s relationship. We talk about basketball, actually sometimes that’s how the conversation would start and would be all it entailed. Sometimes while he worked, I would go with and help him and I would notice what a perfectionist he is and how professional he can be. I would watch him take pride in his work, his life and his family. I think I spend too much time looking at what kind of relationship he has with my siblings instead of noticing the special bond we have together. My father doesn’t say much at times, but I can feel him secretly rooting for me to succeed. I can feel him never giving up on me and I know that he prays constantly for me. Sometimes I wish I had the determination he has and the drive he possesses. None of the roles he plays with each of us is a wrong approach, in fact it’s what makes him special. He’s the head of our family and our representation to God. I couldn’t ask for a better father. So today being February 12, 2013..I want to wish my father a happy happy birthday. God Bless you.

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