Pushing Allowed!


What pushes me

What pushes me are the promises God made to me,
What pushes me is His love.
I started off following really just to see,
Could God love me from way up above?

What pushes me, is that I pray everyday,
Talking to Him is really a treat.
I’m being pushed towards blessings that are so far away,
I could get discourage but I remain at His feet.

What pushes me is His grace that won’t let me fail,
No matter how messed up I am.
What pushes me is that I’ve tried my way to no avail,
So why not try Gods masterful plan?

I’m being pushed and I don’t really mind,
Because my strength is not enough.
I’ve failed before, I couldn’t stand the test of time,
Though I kept falling, I would get back up.

What pushes me is Him and everything within.
Even though there are tears, there are no regrets.
He leads me and that’s the song I sing,
Tis the sweetest song, Tis the sweetest person that I’ve never met.

No more pushing I’m walking now,
I’m convinced of what He says.
No more tears, I’m laughing now,
I’m experiencing better days.

I’m not there yet, He knows that,
His grace is absolutely stunning.
No more pushing, as a matter of fact,
I went from being pushed, to walking…now I’m running.

Dewayne Barnett

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