It’s not all bad on Mondays (poem)


It’s Monday, another day of opportunities
One step closer to my victory
It’s Monday, most people don’t like it
But I love it, it’s another day of blessings
Another day filled with hope
Forget Friday, so it ended bad
Saturday was tough, Sunday was long
But it’s Monday, I’m stronger than I was yesterday
I’ll be even stronger tomorrow
It’s Monday, if you’re not in my life, you’re not meant to be
I might have lost you in Friday and my world came crashing down
Oh but today, everything seems new
I wanted you to be in my Monday, I really did
But you were too afraid to leave Friday
You didn’t want to go forward, so I had to leave without you
I kept looking back for you on Saturday, you never showed
I peeped around the corner of Sunday
But you still weren’t there
I’m not giving Monday a fair shot if I moonwalk into it
No, I’m facing Monday head up, chin up and chest out
So today is here and Friday is back there…I’m over it
Over looking for you, hoping you’d show up
Even when you get to Monday, I won’t be here
I might be in Tuesday or God’s willing Wednesday
One thing for sure, my Friday wont be the same…not this week
Cause once Monday came, I never peeped around that corner again
I stopped hoping you’d come, I stopped wishing you’d catch up
Monday was suppose to be for us, but it ended up being for me
Is it God’s plan? I don’t know, but I’m willing to see
It’s Monday, I’m happy again and you have everything to do with it
Cause I wouldn’t have known how good my Monday could be
If I had stayed in Friday with you….

Dewayne Barnett


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