For further Instructions


I remember back in the 90’s when the slogan WWJD was popularized. This slogan impregnated pop culture and gave birth to a generation of people who when required to make a moral decision looked to a bracelet or t-shirt and would then arrive at a sound decision as to what Jesus would do. I remember the tipping point when this slogan got so popular that even folks who’ve never cared about what Jesus would do, was now wearing at least a bracelet. I loved the slogan, I thought anything that would have you question whether an action about to be committed was in conflict with WWJD was a good thing. The problem I had with it was that it directed people to a source that mainly gave you yes and no answers and not deep meaningful ones. I know for sure that in order to know what Jesus would do, we would have to have seen him operate in an environment and we would have to have some kind of info on Him which will give us a clearer understanding on the matter. Oh wait! We have that! It’s called the four gospels and the rest of the Bible. A lot of what I know about what Jesus would do was taught to me from the gospels. For example, if I don’t read it, I might be in danger of thinking Jesus didn’t hang out with sinners…when the Gospels tells me that he did…He hung out with tax collectors and anyone who needed a touch. So even though WWJD was popular when it came out, the effect it had eventually started to fade, now people weren’t turning to their bracelets anymore, instead they were being impulsive in their reactions. People weren’t waiting to figure what Jesus would do, they started taking things into their own hands. I even remember an instance, doing 92 miles per hour in a 75 mph zone. I got pulled over and when approached by the officer, he read the bumper sticker on my car and asked “what would Jesus do?” Even I had the bumper sticker and message faded out of my head that quickly. I used to say “WEWJD,” that is….. WHAT ELSE WOULD JESUS DO? I used to say this when I didn’t like the first answer. But when you know God, a bracelet doesn’t need to tell you what Jesus would do…you know Him, so you’ll know what He’ll do. As Christians, we have the honor of spending time in Gods presence and there and only there will we receive a revelation on what Jesus would do. We don’t have to cheapen that experience by looking to a bracelet or t shirt. And we are cheapening it when we do that, because it went from WWJD to what would some celebrity do. The fact that the Bible tells me that Gods ways and thoughts are higher than our ways and thoughts means that an inanimate object cannot tell me what Jesus would do for sure. Nothing can replace a pure unadulterated word from God’s mouth giving you clear directions. The next time we look to a bracelet to find out WWJD, I hope it tells us that He would seek Gods face for further instructions.

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