This is the story of a girl


People say that your true person or who you really are manifests itself when you’re alone. Your environment can make you act a certain way just as the people you are around can make a certain way. I was doing a really neat exercise yesterday and I came up with a few interesting facts about myself. I jotted down the names of the ladies I’ve had serious relationships with and under those names I would try to figure out what kind of person I was around them. I wanted to see if I was the jealous type or maybe the nonchalant type. Maybe that could give me some insight as to how I really felt about them. What I discovered was that I was a different person in each relationship…I cared for no two girls the same. Two of them, I wish I could’ve done things differently with, but the other two, I wouldn’t dare go back to. I’ve been in four serious relationships in my life and I want to talk about each of them over the next few posts.
The first was with Magalie, whom I met my freshman year in college. I was single and fresh on campus and still very inexperience when it came to dating. I still remember how it happened…..she told her friend Delores who dated Ryan, my best friend that she thought I was cute. I of course was interested as well. I remember she had just gotten out of a relationship and otherwise I would’ve been concerned but wasn’t. We did try to date and you have to understand she was beautiful, kind, ambitious, self confident and independent..everything a man would want huh? If I was trying to defend a point with my parents I would tell them that 18 years old makes me man, but when it came to appreciating a woman like that..I wasn’t there yet. A blessing too early isn’t a blessing at all…you have to mature first to appreciate what you have in front of you. You don’t know how valuable it is until you’ve lost a few. Would it be different now? Of course it would, but you don’t look back into your past, whatever is in your past that’s meant to be in your future will meet you there. You don’t have to go back and get it. I learned a lesson from dating Magalie…appreciate a good woman, people say they may come a dime a dozen but she was one in a million.

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