Forget Nemo, I need to find Me


I have admiration for many people that I come in contact with, I even admire people that I’ve never met who are famous and have done great things. I admire people who are not famous and have not done great things but have great character. But I have a special kind of admiration though for this type of people…people who can say exactly what’s on their minds without offense. It’s almost like its a gift, these people can be honest with themselves and the people in front of them without anyone ever getting offended. I’ve always envied this…because oftentimes I find myself being unable or unwilling to open up enough, thus making myself vulnerable to hurt. But I’ve seen that it can create greater results where two people are able to express themselves wholly to each other. I believe the people who find it unable to do this have misidentification issues. That is, they don’t yet know for sure who they really are so they have no idea who to present. This can occur due to a lack of confidence or low self esteem issues resulting from a previous bad relationship. First thing we need to do is to find ourselves and rediscover the things we like and the things that makes us laugh. I’ve spoken to a few people just getting out of serious relationships and there was a common theme connecting all of them and that was they each felt like they had lost themselves at one time or another during the relationship. They had adjusted so much to what their mates liked that they forgot what they liked. So firstly, find yourself and to do that, you have to admit who you are now. In order to get somewhere, you must know where you’re at, that way directions will be clear. After you’ve come to terms of who you are and where you want to go, you line yourself up and start moving. Start to change the small habits. The important thing about this is that, you’re not changing yourself for anyone this time, your changing you for you. And you’re not doing this based on what happened in your past relationships. No, you’re making yourself happy that the next time you present yourself to someone, you’ll know exactly how you feel and who you are, you’ll be shining with confidence. You won’t need that person to define, validate or accept’ve already done all those things for yourself. Rediscovering yourself allows you to realize that no matter who comes in and out of your life, you’ll always be happy with you. Next time you’re broken, pick up every last piece, take your time and start building again. Take the pieces from your last relationship and put those aside, build without them. And even though right now it’s empty where those pieces use to be..don’t worry soon you’ll start filling them up with new pieces, new memories and new feelings. Believe in yourself because God believes in you..


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