It’s time to walk on water


Growing up in the church teaches you a thing or two, one is that even church folks aren’t perfect. Battered and bruised, we still must go on, broken and hurt..we still have to strive.
We understand we are saved and we are living for Christ, but that doesn’t meant we don’t falter or trip up at times. Some of us blatantly walk away from The Lord. Believers are not excluded from the harsh realities life can sometimes present. The difference between the Believers and the world is that we should know Whom to call. Even Believers sometimes can get caught up looking at the waves and not on Jesus. We can sometimes be overwhelmed with life’s circumstances and lack of opportunities. In fact Jesus Himself told us, that in this life we will have trials, but do not fear because He overcame, so will we. Peter, in Matthew 15 showed an example of initial and radical faith. Being in a boat in the middle of the sea during a storm can sometimes be can make even the toughest of us question whether or not we can escape such a dreadful situation. While they were in the boat, here comes Jesus walking on the water. He says nothing at first but just shows up in their situation…as a matter of fact, the Bible says that He saw ahead of time that they were heading towards a storm. God knows before you do, remember that. So as Jesus is walking by, Peter asks Him to bid him come. In a time of destitution, a time of fear and hopelessness, God is asking us to exercise our radical faith. See its easy to exercise faith when things are going well, when the blessing continually flow. It takes radical faith to believe when the storm is threatening to kill us. You can’t experience a radical deliverance without radical faith. Peter decides to come out of the boat and everything started to go well until the sea reminded him there was still a storm going on. Ever been at church, praising, jumping, crying and you feel the strength God is giving you to exercise your faith? You believe He has delivered you…then you get home and the same ugly situation shows its head. It’s discouraging and heartbreaking, but God is saying He sees your initial and radical faith of stepping out the boat…keep coming, keep your eyes on Me, but if you fail…don’t worry, I’ll catch you! We can muster up enough faith to overcome our initial reaction to life’s problems and then it reminds us that it is still there. Peter, having taken notice of the wind became afraid and started to sink. The wind reminded him that it wasn’t over in the natural..but spiritually he defeated the storm the minute he stepped out of the boat. Your storm is defeated the minute you decide to confront it. After he started to sink, Peter then cried out to Jesus for help. What we need to realize here is that Peter was close enough to Jesus for Him to just reach out and grab Peter’s hand. Listen to me…your faith can only take you so far but it will take you close enough to Jesus. That’s why He’s already there so that when your faith fails you..He’s saying its my turn to step in and grab you. Your situation may be swallowing you whole, but remember Jesus is already in your situation..use you initial faith, step out of the boat, keep your eyes on Jesus. Don’t get discourage if your faith fails you…He’s readily available to grab your hand before you go under.

A song for thought….
Standing somewhere in the shadow
You’ll find Jesus
He’s the only one Who cares and understand
Standing somewhere in the shadow
You will find Him
And you’ll know Him by the nail scars in His hands

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