Why can’t it be with me? (Poem)


I’m missing you every minute of the day
Letting you go was hard.
Fighting for us seemed to be the only way,
But something still drove us apart.
I see you doing so good without me, and I am so proud,
But I could’ve been your success too, if I was just allowed.
I’m doing okay…not super but ok, I’m kinda getting there,
I mean its been weeks since you left and I had to face my biggest fear.
You say breaking up was for the best,
That we haven’t been working for a while.
And still somehow I still think this is a test,
But I’ve been telling myself a lie.
What would I give to get you back?
My all of me this time?
To get us back on track,
Please read between the lines.
I wake up now, reaching for you…it’s driving me insane,
It’s like I can feel you there, but I also feel your pain.
You had to go, I know….I know,
I begged for you to stay.
You looked me in the eyes and your response was cold,
Because all you did was look away.
If I could do it all over again, baby you’d be mine forever,
Now I know what I’ve lost…you’ve become my lost treasure.
These are my few words, though it be my last,
All I have are memories, brokenness of the past.
I hope everything works out well for you,
Though I have just one more plea.
I hope the love you find will be pure and true
But why can’t it be with me?

Dewayne Barnett

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