A lesson on Sundays


Sunday morning church…we never forgot it in our house. When we were kids, our clothes needed to be ironed, breakfast was being fixed, and showers needed to be taken in preparation for service. It was Sunday school first and then what we used to call “big people church.” You can guess after we all grew up, our lifestyles of course prevented us from adhering to such a tradition. My brothers and I went off to college, my sister grew up and now she’s in college. So at home now are my parents and my little 12 year old brother. I decided back in 2010 to move to Snellville Georgia which my parents now live and of course I needed to stay maybe a month or two with them until I got my place and job situated. I was back home to live after 9 years away and somehow it wasn’t all that strange until Sunday morning came. Sunday morning was not like the ones we had when we were kids. Mom had totally changed everything up and had gotten much more lenient on what had to be done before church. I was ok with this, it was also totally up to me whether I wanted to go to church or not. Mom taught us how important Sundays were and we went off to college and forgot it. When I came home, I was just surprised that she had let up so much on me, but she was still strict on my little brother. I don’t think he’s missed church in two years. So I’m back home and I’m expecting mom to get me up, maybe fix a quick breakfast and we would all go to church. I wanted her to be my Sunday mom like how she was. But she couldn’t be that, not for me anymore at least. She already taught me what needed to be done on Sundays. She instilled in me as a child natural principles about Sunday and spiritual principles about Sunday. There was nothing else she needed to teach me, everything I needed to know was already in me, I just needed to access it. So I got up and thought about what needed to be done before it was time to go to church. I got everything ready like mom taught me and met them upstairs for our Sunday morning devotion that we have been having in our house for as long as I can remember. I was ready for church and after being away in college and forgetting the precepts she taught me, and not practicing the traditions she handed down about Sunday mornings, it all came back to me like it never left. I didn’t just do it for her, I did it out of respect for who she is and what she taught me. There was a reason for the lesson because I would need it someday. Sometimes God repeatedly put us through things in order to just get it in our heads but we turn around and of course we forget. Now we find ourselves in a position where we need to remember, we have to remember. He’s telling you today, that what He has taught you is in you…you already know it, just practice it until it becomes normal again. It would be cruel of our armed forces to send its citizens overseas without weapons and planes and resources, it would be unethical and negligent to do so. When they are deployed they are given the best weapons, the best planes and huge resources. In other words, they are given the best opportunity for success! If man can do that for the people he sends into battle, what makes you think God hasn’t equipped you with the best also to win your battle? Just like how mom taught me about Sundays and when I needed to use what I knew, it all came back to me. The strategies God has given you to win is there for you to use..no need to remember cause you already know what it is. God Bless.

7 thoughts on “A lesson on Sundays

  1. I am so proud of you , it was a honor and a great privilege to be given the opportunity to teach you guys
    even if it was about something as small as sunday’s expectations.He who is called to lead must first be able to follow, there is so much i have learned from you, that you might not in a million years imagine that it was you who were doing the teaching. Love you keep on keeping on

  2. A truth moment : when we were growing up you were the one that kept me striving to be the best to stay ahead and to finish first. I use to remember get up early ironing my clothes, getting a bath before you and also eating half my breakfast and giving you the other half cause you don’t refuse food so I can beat you to sunday school. You are my greatest motivator in this world and maybe that why I felt like I need to always protect you. Great Job on the blogs

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