“He would eat of the Husk”

Luke 15:16 And he would gladly have fed on and filled his belly with the carob pods that the hogs were eating, but they could not satisfy his hunger and nobody gave him anything better.


In my devotion earlier, while praying to The Lord, He started unveiling a few things to me that were really beneficial and relevant to some of the things I’ve been facing lately. We got on the topic of the prodigal son in Luke 15 and He started breaking it down for me allowing me to simply understand what the parable was telling me.
For those who don’t know the parable, I encourage you to read it over and just meditate on it. It is a powerful example of Gods forgiveness, His patience and His willingness to restore us when we wander off course. We see a young man on the other hand that was impatient, selfish and eager to be independent. He takes his inheritance…goes out with friends and decides to just blow it all. This wasn’t weeks, or months….this seemed like years…he blew the whole thing. He received the blessing before going through the process and because of that, he wasn’t mature enough to handle the blessing correctly. The young man, after spending his inheritance started to lose friends. God’s gonna have to move some of your friends out of the way because they can’t go through your process with you. So here’s a young man who after he had gone broke, could’ve came to his senses but didn’t. He did what most of us do when we are going through our process…we try to fix it ourselves! A sure recipe for disaster, you can’t put together something God has taken apart. Embarrassed and ashamed, he tried to fix it. He went out there and looked work and the only thing he could do was to join himself to a country man. While in the pit with the pigs to feed them, he had his epiphany. His pride was gone, he wasn’t ashamed to let people see what he had become, he wasn’t afraid. As a matter of fact he was too hungry to worry about those things…how hungry are you to return? How desperate are you to seek God?
The pit has a way of humbling us. The pit signifies a place of low estate. I read something in a book called Hinds Feet on High Places that says “love can be so cruel that it will not allow any blemish or stain to remain in the beloved.” Your process is meant to mortify your blemishes and stains. He came to himself and spoke to and encouraged himself. He reminded himself whose son he was and basically told himself that if he was gonna get judged, he wanted to be judged by his father and not by the intense and painful ramifications of his actions. He never looked back, he never made excuses…he understood that what was done in the past is in the past. All he wanted to do now was ensure that he had a future. You can’t change your past, but you can ensure in your present that you have a future. If you’re at the stage where you would eat husk, remember before you keep trying to fix it…allow the One who took it apart to put it all back together. God Bless, be encouraged and stay strong.

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