Keep moving, it’s just a process

You guys are saying great things about #respectTheprocess. I love it…if you’re on twitter please use the hashtag, lets discuss it and learn from it. God Bless, enjoy.


I want to do a continuation on Respect The Process by breaking down the apostle Peter’s process. Here we have a disciple who spent a great deal of time with Jesus. Not only was he close to Him, but he was considered one of the apostles in Jesus’ inner circle. He was also considered the leader of the apostles. We know the story of how Peter stood up on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2 and delivered what may have been one of the most powerful sermons ever preached in the post messianic era. We know this because 3000 people were added to the church that day. So here we see the end product of who Peter became, a powerful man of God whose very shadow was healing people in the streets ( Acts 5: 12-15). If we don’t clearly understand Peter’s setbacks and times of shortcomings though, then we cannot then fully see the process that Peter had to go through. Sometimes we look at people in the church who are enjoying the promise and we don’t understand the process they had to endure. We wonder why they praise the way they do or dance the way they do. They are praising their way through the process in order to obtain the promise. Peter’s process started the first time He met Jesus.
The book of Luke chapter 5 gives us an account of Jesus calling His first disciples which included Peter, James and John. We know Peter and the others have been fishing all night and caught nothing. We can understand the disappointment and discouragement in their own abilities to do what they were trained to do. They were fisherman, they knew the tricks and trades of catching the best fish. They knew where the best fishing spots were. This was their livelihood. How many people has Jesus called from their professions, the only thing they know? We have to understand that confidence in our own abilities can sometimes fail us, but God will never fail us. All night and nothing to show for it…I’ve been working all my life Lord and I still can’t save a penny, I’ve been at this job for 30 years Lord and still can’t get promoted. I’ve been driving the same old car for years Lord and cannot afford a new one. When is my change gonna come??? How many times have you asked God these questions? He’s on His way with instructions, just hold on. So here comes Jesus who calls out to them and tells them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat. If you notice after Jesus gave the instructions, Peter then presented the problem. There’s no reason to tell God about what you’ve been going through after He has given you the instructions on how to get through it. Be still for one minute, listen for your instructions then be obedient. God has already given some of us the answer to our prayers, it’s up to us now to step out in faith. Here’s where it gets important. After they caught all this fish…Jesus looks at Peter and says “now follow me.” This is a powerful statement, because after Peter got the blessing he’s been seeking all night, Jesus then turns around and tells him “give this up and follow me.” How many of us can do that? After working a job for 20 years and you finally get promoted, suppose Jesus asks you to now give it up for Him..can you do it? Jesus wanted Peter to see the source. He was simply telling Peter, “your life is bigger than a moment of success.” Listen to me, your life is bigger than a moment’s success. Lets go to the source, we know we’ve been waiting all our lives for this blessing, but being so close to the source is an experience we don’t want to miss. So the first part of Peter’s process included him making a decision that will affect His life forever. Respect the process, it’s going to instill Godly character in you. Lets run to the source, lets tell Jesus now that we need Him more than ever. God Bless you guys for reading. I have more coming up tomorrow, so please follow me or come back and see me. Thank you.

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