Do what it takes


Hey everyone, thank you so much for stopping by, I do this for you and I take great pleasure in it. I haven’t written on relationships in a while so I decided to go with it on this post. As some of you know, I just got out of a long relationship that has been bad for a while. She knew it was bad, I knew it was bad and even our friends knew it was bad. Ever been in a relationship like that? It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, yet still we stick around hoping it will change. In relationships, we get into ruts because we become too lazy to look out for them. A rut can be cutting back on time spent together or maybe taking the initiative and doing new things. So my relationship fell into rut, I saw the signs, I just didn’t think. I messed up and I can admit that, so I’m writing this post to make sure you don’t mess up. To recognize a rut, you must first care about your relationship or you will see it as a way to get out of that relationship. You must be willing to fix whatever it is that’s coming between you and your mate. You must communicate with each other. A lack of communication is the main source of jealousy and insecurity in a relationship. Always be willing to talk about how you’re feeling and what you’re feeling, this makes them understand you a little bit more at those times you just want to be left alone. Be quick to let things go. When you’re doing good, you can drag things out, but you’re in a rut and you have to be quick to forgive. You don’t want to compound the problems you have right now with unforgiveness. So you should deal with the small things quickly and not allow them to linger. Lastly, get up and do something….go out, make a fun day or night of it. Remind each other that even though things are rough, you’re willing to work on it and you are very much still in love with each other. If you get past this obstacle, you will be stronger at your next. Relationships are a lot of work and we must understand that it is in the rough times that we learn about ourselves and our mates. So don’t close down when things get rough, that’s the time to open up….if you really love them. God Bless.

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