What now?


For some reason, I am feeling very inspired today. After reading a few blogs this morning, my mind has been all over the place…in a good way of course. I’ve been reasoning with myself over a few things and I kinda want to share my thoughts with you.
A few days ago, I spent some time reading the story of Moses. Watching a divine plan unfold is very exciting..can you imagine if Moses had an insight of what he was to become? He probably wouldn’t have argued with God in the burning bush. Herein is the wisdom of our God in that He doesn’t unfold His plan to us in a whole, but reveals it us piece by piece in order that we might learn to trust Him to receive another piece. God can tell us what we are to become and how great we will be, but unless we go through the process of aligning ourselves with the promise, we will fall short. I can remember as a child growing up in the church and being forced to go to church. It seems like all the stories start out like this. Anyway eventually I would fall in love with the church, accepted Jesus as my savior, but then the process started. God started ordering my steps, I had turn my life over to Him and gave Him authority to do what He wanted to. So He started to change my life. I couldn’t believe it, I thought being saved meant it would go better for me. It didn’t…a process started in my life and I’m still in that process today. God would show me piece by piece of what He had planned for life and after every revelation, I was put back into a situation where I had to learn to trust a little bit more. I’ve seen God work wonders in my life. I preached my first sermon at age 14, I won first place in Bible Teaching at the 1998 Teen Talent competition when I was 15. God gave me a glimpse of what He had planned for my life, but He wouldn’t just let me have it. I had to learn to get rid of selfishness and pride. Shortly after I started college, I would forget about God and turn to the world. He never forgot about me though. I was having a blast…and thought how much I wanted to feel this way for a long time. I was going through a process and God was in control the whole time. My college years were filled with disappointing relationships, bad grades, drugs , sex and alcohol. There was absolutely no goals set on my part, but God was still in control. Everything that was happening, was supposed to happen to align me so that I could get into position for a blessing from God. I didn’t completely stop going to church, I went sparingly but I went. Every now and then I would hear a song or a sermon that reminded me of Gods love. So many things have happened to me over the last 6 months and I know God has it all in control, I’m being positioned and aligned for a blessing and when I get there, I won’t have to ask “what now” cause my blessing and purpose will already be there waiting for me to step into. God Bless.

2 thoughts on “What now?

  1. I was thinking about how he orders our steps, just yesterday. Thank God for what he takes us through. Thank God for His purpose and His plan. Thank God for his grace and love even for all of us prodigals! Great blog, brother.

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