Ok I’ve accepted it, what do I do now?


First of all, I want to thank everyone who has been reading my post and liking them. You guys are truly the inspiration, the reason why I share ” my 2 cents.” Continue reading, feel free to comment and enjoy. This post is a continuation of my last one “seven days after the breakup,” if you want to read that first, go ahead. This will be waiting for you. God Bless.

Ok since we have learned that by day seven, which is ample time to me, we should be in a state of acceptance regarding our past relationship. We understand that maybe your relationship has run it’s course. This is the truth, some relationships will work and some will not. But let me ask you a question, just because you break up, does that mean the relationship didn’t work? For those that say “yes,” then to you that means; in life some of your relationships won’t work and only one will work. I agree with this point. Only one can work, if you break up then obviously it did not work.


So now we see that dating sometimes can be a numbers game. You get into relationships, try them and see which one has potential of going somewhere. This is a good strategy, except because of feelings and our likelihood of falling in love, getting in and out of relationships will break our hearts. This is a recourse for some who has a broken heart, they turn to promiscuity. So, no you don’t want 4 or 5 partners. You don’t want to get back at your ex, but you are getting back into dating and I have a few pointers on how to approach you first date back from a breakup that I will post later this week.
In the meantime, I know we are looking for anything to ease the way we feel. Love can be both exciting and scary at times. You remember exactly how you felt when you held her in your arms but now all you’re left with are memories and it hurts big time. I started drinking more after my relationship fell apart. I was out every night but that didn’t stop me from thinking about her. For that and having a hangover almost every morning, I decided to sit back accept that she’s not coming back this time. I was able to move on with my life. To get somewhere, you have to accept where you are. Then you decide where you want to go. Even to get her back, you have to accept that you don’t have her. I can assure you that moving on is not a bad thing, in fact in some cases it’s a necessary thing. Don’t get downcast, if you loved her, you will experience these things. It won’t last forever, I can guarantee you that. God Bless.

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