You say jealousy, I say love


Ever had to defend this argument to your mate? Doesn’t go well does it? You tell her the reason you don’t like her guy friends is because you love her so much. I’m not a fan of this question…is it love, is it jealously? I say if a guy is jealous over you, ladies you should think it’s cute and adorable…as long as it doesn’t turn to stalking. Jealous guys are funny because they come up with the lamest excuses explaining why they are not really jealous, it’s love baby! I have a simple definition for both…and I do authorize the release of these definitions to any dictionary that wants them 😌. Ok, jealousy is all about you while love is all about them. That’s the simplest way I can put it. Are you getting mad at her texting, because you’re jealous or because you love her? See fellas, if we aren’t careful we can get caught up into jealously, practicing it so much that we forget what love feels like and what jealously feels like. I think love is composed of happiness, compassion, appreciation and affection. When love is present, all these are byproducts of this love. Jealously is a parasite, that if inserted in this equation, will eat away at your happiness, compassion, appreciation and affection. We can get away with being jealous maybe once or twice..even three times, because it takes times to affect us to the point where we see its’ manifestation in our relationships.

So if we make it about them and not us, we stand less chance of getting overly jealous to the point where we become crazy and insecure. And that happens to plenty of men and women. We get so jealous that we lose ourselves and become people we don’t want to be. Remember this…..a little jealousy may be cute and adorable, but trust is outright sexy!!!

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