It’s just not working


Well I figured by now you’ve decided whether or not the relationship you’re in is worth fighting for. You’ve probably noticed a little bit of distance between you both. Allow me to clarify something really quickly. Just because she is distant, doesn’t mean she’s cheating. Men it’s time to get it out of our heads. Too many times we look for signs of infidelity and miss the signs of really why she’s so unhappy. Your relationship is worth fighting for if you both are still in love and is willing to address certain issues. So you sense some kind of distance, she won’t openly talk about it but you know it’s there. Sometimes finding out is as simple as asking her, but enter into this conversation with an open mind. One thing I know about females..sometimes what’s bothering them might be small to you but colossal to them. So now here is where sensitivity steps in, you have to be willing to understand that she’s sad and it’s affecting your relationship, which means its affecting you. Fellas we mess up all the time and we are damn lucky that these ladies take us back. They won’t take us back forever. We have to change our ways, be on the same level as they are, professionally, mentally, emotionally. Ok, so if you noticed a few setbacks in your relationship and approached your girl about it, but you guys still agree to break up? You’re gonna need a few steps to deal with the days after the breakup. That is coming soon. Thank you so much for stoping by, God Bless.

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