Say I love you, not I love you too


If you’re a 80’s baby like myself, I know you can confess to the fact that you probably used to watch saved by the bell. I watched it, I love it! We saw friendships that developed into relationships, we saw break ups and we even saw Lisa finally give Screech a break. Saved my the bell taught us about high school before some of us even went to high school. We were happy when Slater and Jessie started dating and we were ecstatic when Kelly and Zach started dating. It genuinely made me happy. Saved by the bell was like going to school after coming from school. I identified myself with the crew, I felt like I was one of them. So you can imagine how I felt when Kelly and Zach broke up. It was the saddest thing ever, until Mufasa died in the Lion King. Anyway, I wonder if any of my readers can tell me what song was playing in the background while they were breaking up? It’s a popular one by Michael Bolton. I remembered how Kelly fell in love with her manager, I felt it for Zach. It wasn’t because he was a bad boyfriend or he didn’t make her happy, she just fell in love with another man. This happens to us so much in today’s society, everything is going good and she falls in love with someone else. What do we do? This doesn’t just show up out of nowhere. Gentlemen, because we refuse to see the signs, we lose, we come up on the short end. If she’s starting to pull away from you, don’t push…she’s gonna hate that because the reason she pulls away is to get space and if you show her that you can’t even give her that, she will end it. Remember when she used to tell you about her day without you asking? Now she doesn’t say anything about it. Well now it’s your turn, you have to start her that you care. This can save your relationship, a girl wants someone who can make the effort, show her that you want her as much now as you ever did. Don’t end up like Zach and Kelly, she can’t fall in love with someone else if she’s absolutely in love with you.

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